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Thanksgiving Schedule & Turkey Defrosting Tips
My wife is from Bolivia, and even she loved the chorizo. It was very flavorful and not too spicy.
- David, St. Louis
I received my first order a few weeks ago and I am so happy to have found you. The beef bacon was amazing. I can finally make BLTs!!!
- Carrie, New York
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Thanksgiving Favorites

It's time for another holiday! Our delicious pastured turkeys will steal the show, but don't forget other helpful items like broth, sausage for stuffing, and more to create an amazing feast. If you need help deciding or want to confirm portion sizes, give us a call: 888-790-5781. We look forward to helping make your holiday feast incredibly delicious.
Whole Turkey - Organic-Fed

Pastured turkey at its finest! This turkey has much more moisture and flavor than conventional birds because they spend their days out on the pasture. Neck and giblets not included.

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Half Turkey - Organic-Fed

Great for a smaller party or stashing away for a late Thanksgiving dinner, these half turkeys are easy to roast, and will leave you with plenty of bones for a rich stock.

 1 half-turkey per pack

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Turkey Breast Filet - Organic-Fed

Slow roast our boneless, skin-on turkey breast for a low-fat, all white meat treat, or slice it thin to make breaded and fried turkey cutlets. This cut is also perfect for making a turkey roll: layer with herbs, vegetables and rice, then roll, tie and bake.

 1 breast per pack

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Turkey Thigh Boneless - Organic-Fed

When you need more dark meat, turn to these luscious turkey thighs. Skin-on and boneless, they are incredibly moist and versatile. These thighs can be grilled, smoked, or roasted.

 3 thigh filets per pack

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Beef Jerky Sampler

Get the best of both worlds and save! Combo pack includes three packages each of our Beef Jerky with Bacon Spices and Beef Jerky with Black Pepper. Stock up for a long trip or so you'll always have this healthy, portable snack at the ready. Nutrition Facts

 6 bags per pack

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Raw Sweet Italian Beef Sausage

This is our Sweet Italian mix, raw and packed in 1lb packages for your cooking pleasure. Add to pasta, lasagna, moussaka, or use in place of ground beef in stuffed vegetables! Ingredients: Pastured Beef, Water, Spices, Anise, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Juice Powder, Cherry Juice Powder.

Coming Soon!
Cornish Hen

Our Cornish Hens are arguably the most elegant way you can serve poultry. Serve halved for decadence, or whole for a full meal. Pastured chicken at its finest.
1 whole chicken per pack.

 1 hen per pack

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Heritage Whole Chicken

Bred for robust flavor, these birds are a culinary treat. Heritage poultry is quite lean, and are best enjoyed slow-roasted or braised in liquid at low temperature for 1-3 hours until tender.

 1 chicken per pack

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Chicken Bone Broth

This clear broth is a perfect base for all your soups and stews, or use instead of water for cooking rice or grains.
Ingredients: Water, Chicken Bones

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Chicken Skin

Bring back the flavors of your grandmother's kitchen! Render these skins to make clear, flavorful shmaltz for cooking. Then enjoy the gribnes (crispy skin bits left over after the fat has been rendered out) -- you won't be able to resist eating them hot right out of the pan! Add them to your chopped liver for an extra delicious crunch. Recipe

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Duck Fat (Rendered)

The king of animal fats, duck fat is rich and versatile. This "liquid gold" rendered pure duck fat is ready for your favorite use: spreading on challah, searing meats, or flavoring steamed vegetables.

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