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I LOOOOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Not only do I feel like I am doing right by supporting kindness to animals, my husband and I have enjoyed the high quality and flavor. So glad you are around!
- Linda, Las Vegas
I have been raising chickens for a long time, and I have to tell you that this was some of the finest chicken I've ever had.
- Laurie, Misoula
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Kosher for Passover Specialty Items

All Grow and Behold raw Beef, Lamb, Rose Veal, Chicken, Duck and Turkey, except for Ground Chicken, are always Kosher for Passover even if there is no specific "Kosher for Passover" marking on the package. This year our regular Ground Turkey (which is sold in 1lb units) is Kosher for Passover Year-Round.

Ground Lamb, Veal, Turkey and Beef (including Beef Patties) are always Kosher for Passover.

Kosher for Passover provisions are not cured with celery or cherry and contain no nitrates or nitrites except those naturally occurring in sea salt. Because of this, provisions will not be bright red.

Passover Delivery Details | Kosher for Passover Recipes

Navel Pastrami Slab - Passover

This is our signature navel pastrami, unsliced. Either slice thin to serve as deli meats, or gently reheat as a roast. NOTE: If you want a lean cold cut, please order our Corned Beef. This is Navel Pastrami, and we're not sorry!

Ingredients: Pastured Beef, Water, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor. Nutrition Facts

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Corned Beef Whole Slab - Passover

This premium, fully-cooked corned beef is made from our deckel. For best results, steam 1-2 hours before serving, or braise with vegetables such as cabbage and carrots.

Ingredients: Beef, Water, Sugar, Spices, Sea Salt.Nutrition Facts

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Beef Kishka - Passover

This delicious, old-fashioned Kishka is made from our richly-flavorful pastured beef fat, matza and spices. Put the roll whole in your chulent, or lay slices on top for a beautiful treat. Trust us, it's so good you might just fry up slices to eat on their own. Ingredients: Fat from Pastured Beef, Carrots, Onions, Matzah Meal, Spices

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Seder Bone

Outfit your Seder plate with a pastured lamb bone.
1 bone per pack.

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Ground Turkey Dark- Organic-Fed

This is nothing but 100% ground turkey dark meat. No extra fat, no gristle. Great for leaner meatloaf, burgers, or other recipes.

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A tangy, Manchego-style sheep's cheese from Israel. The rich flavors of this hard cheese will be a delight at your table. OU- Chalav Yisroel.

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Bastardo Del Grappa

Made in the mountains of the Grappa region of northeastern Italy. Cow's milk. Creamy, full flavor, in the family of Normandy Brie. Light yellow color with uneven rind. Grass fed cows, all natural, hormone free, gluten free. (Chalav Yisrael/OU).

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Organic Viney Sheep

This organic sheep's milk cheese is made in Italy and aged for 8 months. The outside is rubbed with red wine vinegar, which contributes an overall nuttiness and bold umami flavor. Grass-fed organic sheep's milk, gluten-free. (Chalav Yisrael/OU).

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Danish Blue

A must for serving alongside sweet summer stone-fruit, in a spinach salad or stirred into a bowl of vegetable soup. We can't get enough of this creamy, blue-veined umami treat! All natural, vegetarian rennet. (Chalav Yisrael/OU)

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Organic Pecorino Romano (CY)

This hard sheep's cheese, aged over 1 year, is fragrant, is produced in Sardenia, Italy. Good for grating on pasta, salads and for using in risotto dishes. All natural, gluten free and hormone free. (OU/Chalav Yisroel)

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Aged Provolone

This aged provolone is earthy, firm, and great for melting or pairing with a dark beer or bread. (Chalav Yisrael/OU/KFP).

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Vermont Bloom

NEW! This farmstead (single farm) brie from Vermont features a delicate bloomy rind with yellow, thick and creamy interior. Runny and pungent when ripe. Enjoy at room temperature for best flavor and consistency! OU/CY

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