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We really enjoyed our order! Your site was easy to shop and the selection was great. Delivery and packaging were perfect.
- Edina, New York City
I want you to know that I am thoroughly pleased. The food came to me perfectly frozen, and it is delicious. And I used the bones to make bone broth, and I want you to know, it is top grade. I so appreciate the fact that you provide a product that is pastured and Glatt kosher.
- Valis, Hazelhurst
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Passover & Chol HaMo'ed Delivery Schedule

Mail Order

We will ship orders received by 1pm ET on these Ship Dates:
(Orders placed after 1pm will ship on the next Ship Date listed)

Ship Date Notes
Wednesday, April 5 1- or 2-day; must choose "Friday OK" for 2-day
Thursday, April 6 1-day only; must choose "Friday OK"
Monday, April 10 1-, 2- or 3-day; orders will be packed with enough dry ice to stay cold until after Yom Tov
Thursday, April 13 1-day only; must choose "Friday OK"
Wednesday, April 19 1- or 2-day; must choose "Friday OK" for 2-day
Thursday, April 20 1-day only; must choose "Friday OK"

> Shipping Information and Rates

NY Area Home Delivery

We will deliver in the NY Area every week until Passover on our regular schedule.

- Friday, April 7 - order by 8am that day
- Sunday, April 9 - order by 10am that day

Chol HaMoed Deliveries (All locations)
- Thursday, April 13 - order by Wednesday night, April 12
- Thursday, April 20 - order by Wednesday night, April 19

Philadelphia Area Delivery

We deliver to six locations in the Philadelphia area every two weeks. Delivery dates before Passover are as follows. We encourage you to order early!

* Wednesday, March 1
* Wednesday, March 15
* Wednesday, March 29
* Wednesday, April 5

> View all Philadelphia & South/Central Jersey pick up times and locations here

Buying Clubs

We have Buying Club pick-ups in over 40 cities on April 5 and 6. Find your city page for order deadlines and pick-up details.

> View all Buying Club locations here

Defrosting & Cooking

We recommend that you defrost your meat on a plate in the refrigerator. Allow 24hrs for each 5lbs of meat (ie, a 10lb turkey will need at least 2 days to defrost). Meat can be defrosted more quickly by submerging it in cold water -- learn more here.

We invite you to browse our archive of Passover Recipes as you are planing for the holidays, or give us a call to talk through your menu!

Passover Information

All Grow and Behold raw Beef, Lamb, Rose Veal, Chicken, Duck and Turkey, except for Ground Chicken, are always Kosher for Passover even if there is no specific "Kosher for Passover" marking on the package. This year our regular Ground Turkey (which is sold in 1lb units) is Kosher for Passover Year-Round.

Ground Lamb, Veal, Turkey and Beef (including Beef Patties) are always Kosher for Passover.

Find our Kosher for Passover Sausages, Deli Meats, Ground Poultry and Broths here.

Passover Questions?

We're here to help! Call us at 888-790-5781 or email

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