Dry-Aged Prime Rib Roast (Boneless)

Dry-Aged Prime Rib Roast (Boneless)

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$64.99/lb (14-Days) | $69.99/lb (30-Days)

$64.99/lb (14-Days) | $69.99/lb (30-Days)

1 roast per pack

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About this product:

This is a boneless roast that can be high-heat roasted (like Prime Rib) or sliced into steaks. Dry-aged for 14 or Thirty Days, this roast boasts an incredible beefy flavor, rich marbling and tender texture. This is the best beef on the market, no matter how you slice it.

Basic Cooking Technique:

Roast at medium to high heat. Tent with foil and let rest for 10-15 minutes before slicing and serving.


Prime Rib Roast

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    Posted by Marilyn Gelinas on Dec 31st 2017

    Very good roast. I sent this order to my daughter as we would be visiting and only eat kosher. Everyone loved it.