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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
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I LOOOOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Not only do I feel like I am doing right by supporting kindness to animals, my husband and I have enjoyed the high quality and flavor. So glad you are around!
- Linda, Las Vegas
We have been thrilled with the meat we've ordered. It's absolutely delicious.
- Amy, Dayton
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Our Story: Kosher Pastured Meats

We met on an organic vegetable farm and fell in love. With each other, that is--and with feeding people good, well-produced, delicious food. Our courtship story went something like this: We are going to pick cherries in the Hudson Valley. We are going to get married. We are going to have a farm. We are going to feed people.

Growing & Learning
We went to conferences on how to farm as a couple, how to grow the best tomatoes, which old-fashioned farm implements were making a comeback, etc. Anna grew vegetables for a CSA at a big synagogue in Westchester. Anticipating that we'd live "in the middle of nowhere" Naf hit the road to learn how to make kosher meat. If we're farming, he thought, we'll raise chickens, and I'll shecht them for my family, so we can keep kosher and eat well.

But how many farmers can also walk to shul and raise a family in a Jewish community? When a Landtrust deal fell apart, we had to rethink the plan -- but as it turns out, maybe it was the perfect twist of fate. Naf knew how to take a steer and make a kosher steak. We could relate to farmers in the country, to consumers in the city, to Jewish communities, to folks in the slaughterhouses and processing facilities where Naf had trained. When we realized that our friends and family hadn't stopped talking about the delicious pastured meats we had served at our wedding, the next step was clear.

Bringing More To the Table
Our first year we sold only chicken, which was raised by the farmer who had raised the birds for our wedding and processed at the David Elliot Poultry farm, where Naf had trained. Naf traveled the country, meeting farmers raising cattle, lamb, veal and poultry, to find growers who were raising animals how we wanted: outdoors, on pasture, with no hormones, no antibiotics. Room to move around. Close proximity to processing facilities to minimize travel. Even though everyone wanted everything right away, we kept saying, "Until we've found the right farmers, we're not adding new products." Year by year, our catalogue expanded. 2011: Beef. 2012: Lamb. 2013: Duck. 2014: Rose Veal...

Our family expanded too, and we found that the joy we felt at feeding people good food filled our hearts even more than we ever thought possible when our own kids learned to gnaw on fistfuls of meat, our three year old asks for "meat on the bone," and everyone clamors for "More duck fat!" at the Shabbat dinner table.

Great Meals Start With Great Meat
Grow & Behold is the culmination of our decades of passion for healthy, sustainable food, good cooking, and the community that gets built around the table. It is sustained by our deep relationships with the other family businesses in this industry: multi-generational slaughterhouses and family farms.

We do not compromise on quality or our environmental standards, because we're producing meat that you trust and that we want to eat ourselves. We take care every step of the way to make sure the meat is raised well, processed humanely, expertly butchered, carefully packaged, delivered seamlessly and prepared with confidence in your kitchen, thanks to our recipes, tips and terrific customer support. It is our great pleasure to bring these delicious meats to your table.

We look forward to feeding you soon!
- Naf & Anna Hanau

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