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Variety Sampler

Variety Sampler

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About this product

This sampler contains 1 package Beef Bacon, 1lb Ground Beef, 1 pack Chicken Breast Filet (1.5lbs), 1 pack Chicken Wings (1.5lb), 1 London Broil (1.5lb), 1lb Beef for stew, 1lb Pepper Steak, and 1 package Kielbasa Sausage (1lb). Contents of sampler may vary slightly from above description.

Additional Info

This product is shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated.

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    Sampler package

    Posted by Joyce Tombosky on Jan 13th 2020

    It was the perfect product for me. I live alone and have a hard time getting out. Even though I eat mainly chicken I appreciated the variety and the right amounts. Would order it again

Packs & Weights

Our frozen meats are packaged in vacuum-sealed packs. Most packs contain one piece (ie, one Brisket). Some packs will contain two pieces (ie, Lamb Chops). Packs of smaller items, such as Chicken Wings or Pepper Steak, will contain multiple pieces.

These vacuum-sealed packs are generally packed in a cardboard box. If there is an option to choose how many packs you'd like in the box, you'll make that choice under "Number of Packs". Then you'll choose the total weight of the box (that is, the combined weight of all the the packs in that box).

Example: Lamb Chops

Let's say you're ordering Lamb Chops and you select the following:

You've chosen: 2 packs, ~1.9lbs, and the price shows as $60.78.

You’ll receive 1 box, with 2 packs of lamb chops inside. The whole thing will weigh approximately ~1.9lbs and will cost $60.78.

Each pack will contain 2 lamb chops, and weigh approximately .95lbs.

You’ll have 4 lamb chops in total. Each will weigh approximately .475lbs (note that one may be slightly larger and one slightly smaller).

Weight Ranges & Prices

To keep our fulfillment system practical and manageable, products with variable weights are sold in a weight range (this includes most frozen meats, with the exception of deli meats, sausages and beef jerky). We keep the ranges as small as practically possible to minimize the variation you might receive. If a price/lb is shown with a *, it is an estimate for comparison purposes only, since the price associated with each weight is the price for all items within that weight range.

This chart shows the weight ranges for all our products:

less than 0.99lb 0.05lb
1lb - 2.19lb 0.1lb
2.2lb - 2.74lb 0.30lb
2.75lb - 10.24lb 0.25lb
10.25lb - 19.99lb 0.5lb
over 20lbs 1lb