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Whole Chicken Value Pack

Whole Chicken Value Pack

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Pasture Fed No GMOs No Hormones or Antibiotics Humanely Raised & Handled

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Contains 3-5 Whole Birds with Imperfect Seals and Varying Sizes
Our farmers raise amazing chicken. Most are within our weight ranges -- but occasionally some are much bigger or much smaller than the rest. In this Value Pack, you will find about 13.5 pounds of individual retail-packaged items of varying sizes (mostly very large, or very small) and some packages with imperfect seals or other imperfections. If you are someone who appreciates good value, can accommodate cooking with very differently-sized cuts, and does not mind packages with imperfect seals and/or other imperfections, this Value Pack is for you. If you are someone who prefers a higher level of predictability with your chicken, we do not recommend this item.
About this product

This juicy Whole Chicken will be the centerpiece of your Shabbat table. However you cook it, both the light and dark meat on this roaster will be moist, tender, and full of flavor. Raised in small batches by a network of dedicated Amish and Mennonite growers, our poultry are moved to fresh pasture daily where they roam and forage freely. They are fed exclusively GMO-free grain, never any hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products -- bringing you the most delicious pastured poultry you can find.

When Naf's grandmother had her first bite of our chicken, she said "This tastes like Spring Chicken. I haven't had this since I was a child in Poland." And our special poultry label, Sara's Spring Chicken was born. Whether you remember the taste of chicken from your childhood or simply want to enjoy the rich, gentle taste of pasture-raised poultry, you've come to the right place. There's kosher poultry -- and then there's Grow & Behold.

We got our start working on organic farms, where we learned that when there is mutual trust and respect between farmers, animals, consumers and the land itself, the food produced is second to none. Today, we work very closely with our farmers, processors, butchers, truck drivers, feed growers and kosher supervisors. We depend on each other, we trust each other. And these relationships produce incredible meats.


Basic Cooking Technique:

We like to roast our pastured poultry at 325F for 60-90 minutes, removing the breasts if necessary after 60 minutes or covering them to keep them from drying out. The longer cooking time at a lower temperature helps to relax the dark meat, bringing you richly-flavored, silky tender chicken in every last bite.


Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lemon

Skillet Roast Chicken with Ramps and Capers

Additional Info

Products are packed with coolant during their journey to ensure they arrive in great shape. Meats will arrive frozen or refrigerated. Most of our products are shipped frozen; occasionally, due to a very quick turnaround between when the meats arrive at our freezing and distribution facility and when they are delivered to you, meats may be shipped fresh. Meat that is cold to the touch can be refrigerated for immediate use, or frozen for later use. Learn more.

*Price per pound is an estimate for comparison purposes only. Click on the "Details" tab to learn more.

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How Many Pieces Will I Receive?

Our frozen meats are packaged in vacuum-sealed packages. Most packages contain one piece (ie, one Brisket). Some packages will contain two pieces (ie, Lamb Chops). Packages of smaller items, such as Chicken Wings or Pepper Steak, will contain multiple pieces.

For red meat items and multi-pack poultry items, vacuum-sealed packages may be packed in a cardboard box. If there is an option to choose how many packages you'd like in the box, you'll make that selection under "Customize Your Order." Then you'll choose your preferred weight (that is, the combined weight of all the the packages in that box.) If only one choice is showing in a green box, you do not need to make any selection.

Example: Lamb Chops

Let's say you're ordering Lamb Chops and you select the following:

You've chosen: 2 packages, ~1.1 lb, and the price shows $39.99.

You’ll receive 1 box, with 2 packages of lamb chops inside.

Each package will contain 2 lamb chops. You’ll have 4 lamb chops in total. We always try to pack similar-sized items, but you may find that some chops are slightly larger and some are slightly smaller.

How Much Does It Weigh?

We use weight ranges in order to keep our fulfillment system practical and manageable for items with variable weights (for example steaks. Packages of deli meats which are not sold by weight range as we can pack them by exact weight). The ranges are as small as practically possible to minimize the variation between the Selected Weight and the actual weght you receive. Because of this, if the price per pound is shown as "price/lb*", the *" indicates that it is an estimate for comparison purposes only, since the price associated with the selected weight is the price for all items within that weight range.

This chart shows the potential weight variance for selected weights on our site:  

Selected WeightPotential Weight Variance
under ~0.95 lb +/- 0.15 lb
~1 lb to ~3.9 lb +/- 0.25 lb
~4 lb to ~10 lb +/- 0.5 lb
over ~10 lb +/- 1 lb

For example: 

  • An item with a Selected Weight of ~1.5 lb could weigh as much as 1.75 lb or as little as 1.25 lb
  • An item with a Selected Weight of ~5 lb  could weigh as much as 5.5 lb or as little as 4.5 lb 

We keep the ranges as small as practically possible to minimize the variation you might receive. Sometimes you will receive a bit more than the listed weight, and sometimes a bit less. Our customers find that on average they receive what they are expecting. But if you find that your actual weights in an order are all below the listed average, please snap a picture of the weight labels and send it over to us, and we'll be happy to make things right.