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Our Animals

Grow and Behold Rose Veal on pasture

Grow and Behold Foods brings you delicious Glatt Kosher pastured meats raised on small family farms. We adhere to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture.

We visit our farms and slaughterhouses regularly to ensure our standards are upheld and that we are bringing you the best Kosher meat on the market. We know that how the animals are raised, fed and processed is important to you (it's important to us too -- that's why we started our business) and we are happy to share these details with you. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 888-790-5781 -- we are happy to discuss our practices with you.

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Red Meat: Beef, Lamb and Rose Veal

All our animals are raised outdoors on pasture, with plenty of room to move around. They are never given growth hormones or stimulants and are only given antibiotics if there is a medical necessity (they are never fed preventative antibiotics, but our growers won't let an animal suffer due to infection).


Grow and Behold Pastured Beef is Glatt Kosher, Black Angus cattle, raised and humanely slaughtered in Maryland. The cattle are raised on sustainably managed pastures and the majority of their diet is grass-based. They are finished on a mix of grass and grain.

Why grain? Including a limited amount of grain in the animals' diet helps us deliver a more tender, delicious and consistent product. During finishing, our cattle have access to grass and grain, and enjoy both. This is very different from animals finished almost exclusively on grain in large feedlots in the Midwest. Our animals are raised by the dozens -- not by the thousands.

All animals are humanely slaughtered using upright slaughter techniques (based on Temple Grandin's principles of animal restraint) by master Shochtim (kosher slaughterers) with whom Naftali has worked and studied. Our beef are never slaughtered using "shackle & hoist" or "shackle and drag" methods.

> Grow and Behold Beef Protocols


Our Pastured Lamb spend almost their entire lives outdoors in the pastures and woods of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and Maryland. Their feed during transit is conventional, but represents a very small percentage of their overall diet.

> Grow and Behold Lamb Protocols

Rose Veal

Finally, veal your taste buds and conscience can truly enjoy. Our delicious Rose Veal comes from animals raised outdoors on pasture, with plenty of room to graze and move around. They are never forcibly confined, as is common in conventional veal. Instead, these animals nurse from their mother until 6-8 months, and then enjoy a diet of grass and locally-grown grain (including hay and haylege, fermented grain). (They are offered up to 2% of their body weight in grain per day but have access to pasture at all times.) The 500 acre farm where they are raised includes 150 acres devoted to wildlife management.

Want to learn more? Read our Grow and Behold Veal Protocols

Grow and Behold cattle taking a break in the shade

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Poultry: Chicken, Ducks & Turkey

Sara's Spring Chicken line of pastured poultry is produced exclusively for Grow and Behold Foods. The birds are raised to our exacting standards by wonderful Amish and Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania, and are processed and packed in a small, family owned plant under the constant supervision of the USDA and the Orthodox Union.

Chicken & Ducks

As soon as the birds are large enough to be moved outside, they spend their entire lives on grass. They live in spacious movable pens that are moved each day to allow them to access a growing salad bar of completely natural food. In addition to what they harvest themselves, the birds are fed a special blend of non-GMO feed.


You haven't enjoyed the real taste of turkey until you've tried our pastured turkeys, grown just for us on pasture in Pennsylvania. The birds sleep indoors in a barn and graze on pasture during the day. We have both Certified Organic and non-Organic birds. All are antibiotic-free and raised outdoors on fields that are not sprayed; the Organic birds receive Certified Organic (non-GMO) feed.

> Grow and Behold Poultry Standards

Chicken in a "Chicken Tractor" which can be moved to fresh pasture daily, while keeping the (tasty) birds safe

One of our youngest farmers with one of our youngest turkeys!

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Heritage Chicken

Grow and Behold is proud to partner with the Jewish Initiative for Animals to bring the first kosher heritage chickens to market in over 50 years. We are grateful for their support and couldn't have done it without them.

What is Heritage Chicken? A Heritage Egg can only be produced by an American Poultry Association Standard breed. A Heritage Chicken is hatched from a heritage egg sired by an American Poultry Association Standard breed established prior to the mid-20th century. It is slow growing, naturally mated, and enjoys a long productive outdoor life. Heritage Chicken grow slowly, producing meat that is dark, nutty, rich, and lean with a unique and special flavor like no other. Find more information about heritage poultry breeds here.

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