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Flat-Rate Priority Shipping 


November 10, 2020


As you know, the coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable challenges in all areas of regular operations, including FedEx shipping. Earlier this year, we stopped shipping via FedEx Ground to any of our 2- and 3-day zones because of unsustainable delays. We were pleased to be able to recently restart 2-day shipping (not 3-day), and we're continuing to monitor the situation carefully.

But, it seems we're not the only company making adjustments. FedEx has now shifted much of the Atlanta and Chicago area to a 3-day Ground Shipping zone. This means of course, that your special Ground Shipping Flat Rate is not available, since we're only able to offer Priority Shipping to your area.

We're therefore extending our Priority Flat Rate shipping rate of $36/box to include your area. (This is a temporary program that we've offered to our West Coast clubs which have been shut down because of the pandemic.) To get this rate, there is an order minimum of $350, since at this heavily subsidized rate we lose a significant amount on each shipment. Orders under $350 will be rated at the regular FedEx Priority Overnight rates.

If you’re someone who makes smaller orders, we recommend placing an order together with a friend. Please observe social distancing when you split the order.

How to get the $36/box rate:

  • Make sure your order is over $350
  • On the checkout page, select "FedEx Priority Overnight".  The rate shown should be $36 (or $72 if your order fits in two boxes, etc.)

Important: If a technical glitch results in you only seeing the regular rate, place your order anyways and email us, and we’ll update the shipping fee before we charge your card.

This is a provisional program -- we don't know if the FedEx shipping zone changes are permanent, and we'll continue to update you as we have more information. But for now, we wanted to extend this rate to you since we know the shipping charges are more than you are used to.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, and thanks for your continued support. We are honored to feed you always, and especially now. 

The Grow & Behold team