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When you enter your shipping address at checkout, you'll have the option to choose from all available delivery options for your area.

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Our products are frozen right away to ensure they are at peak quality when defrosted. Products are shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated.

Eat delicious, any time.

Thaw your meat in the refrigerator overnight or under water in the vacuum-sealed packaging to enjoy convenient, fresh & delicious meat everyday.

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Shipping FAQs

How much does it cost?

We offer discounted shipping to anywhere in the US. Shipping charges include carrier fees, dry ice and insulated shipping containers for perishable items.

  • Ground shipping starts at $18 (small box) or $24 (large box)
  • Priority Overnight shipping starts at $35 per box and can run upwards of $100 per box

The fastest way to calculate your shipping cost is in the shopping cart. Put an item in your cart, select "View Cart", then click "Add Info" next to the line that says "Shipping" in the bottom right corner of the cart. Once you specify your state, city and ZIP code, you can calculate shipping to your area. If there are Buying Club or NY/NJ Area delivery options available in your area, you'll see those too.

Get the best shipping rates by using every last inch of your shipping box. Rates are based on the number, size and weight of boxes and the destination ZIP code. The fuller your box, the lower your shipping cost per pound. Use our box calculator (visible at the top of the screen and on the “Cart” page) to see how full your box is, and check out our list of Small Items to Fill Up Your Box to fill every last corner.

When will my meat arrive?

We ship orders on Monday through Thursday. Orders received by 1pm will ship out the same day. Orders received after 1pm will ship on the next shipping day. At checkout, you can choose from all available delivery days for your area. Depending on the shipping option you choose, perishable shipments may be in transit anywhere from 1-3 days.

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Important notes on timing your delivery:
  • Residential deliveries generally arrive by 9pm. No signature is required. The carrier will leave the shipment if you are not home, unless they determine it is not safe to do so or they can’t access the building (ie, apartment building). Business deliveries are generally delivered before 5pm, but may arrive later. Business deliveries may require a signature.
  • You may choose a delivery date up to 4 weeks in advance at checkout by clicking the "Want it later?" button at checkout. Note that we do not ship on Jewish and major secular holidays.
  • We do not ship packages over the weekend, or for delivery on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
  • Please keep in mind that larger items such as Whole Turkeys and Briskets can take 3-4 days to defrost in the refrigerator, so please schedule your delivery date with enough time to defrost and prepare your meats.
  • We recommend you choose delivery on Tuesday-Thursday. If you choose Friday, there is a possibility that a shipping delay could result in your packaged being delayed through the weekend.
  • Since delays are rare, but do happen, we recommend you schedule delivery at least a day before you need it, and NOT the day before you are planning to leave town. Learn more about what happens in the event of a delay

In what condition are meats delivered?

Our products are frozen right away to ensure they are at peak quality when defrosted. Products are shipped frozen in insulated shipping boxes with dry ice, and will arrive frozen or refrigerated (dry ice may have evaporated). As long as they are cold to the touch, meats can be refrozen immediately with no loss of quality for long-term storage.

What if my order is delayed?

The majority of our shipments are delivered on their estimated delivery date, but delays can and do happen. If your package is delayed, DON'T WORRY. We pack all of our shipments with enough coolant to withstand extended transit times, and they almost always arrive in great shape. We guarantee that orders will arrive in suitable condition, refrigerated or frozen. Meat that is still cold to the touch can be safely refrozen with no loss of quality -- you can learn more about freezing and defrosting meat here. If you have any concerns about your order, please reach out to us at 888-790-5781 or Do not refuse your delivery or discard your package before speaking with us, as this will prevent us from being able to properly resolve the situation. The bottom line is, really really: don't worry. We have been shipping frozen meats for over a decade and we are confident in our abilities to get them to you in great shape. Sit tight!

How much meat fits in a box?

We pack our products for shipping in either a Small or Large insulated cooler and shipping box. Here's an example of how much meat you can fit in each one (the actual weight that can fit in a box will depend on the size and shape of the packages):

Small Box

Holds up to 30lbs
~1 cubic foot

Large Box

Holds up to 50lbs
~2 cubic feet

Can I return my shipping box?

Absolutely! Thank you for helping us to reduce our carbon footprint by returning your container for re-use. We include a pre-paid return label in your shipment. Seal up the cardboard box enclosing your container, affix the label, and drop off at any FedEx location. There is no charge to you to return your container.

If you requested a cooler to be delivered with your order in the NY/NJ Area, you may contact us to request a return mailing label, or let us know that you’d like us to pick up the cooler with your next delivery.

What should I know about dry ice?

Your package may contain dry ice when it is delivered. Dry ice is extremely cold and can burn your hands. If dry ice is present, please use gloves while handling it. However, do not be alarmed if there is no dry ice present; it has sublimated during shipping.

Shipping Policies

  • Ground Shipping is at your own risk. We are unable to replace orders shipped via FedEx Ground that arrive in unsuitable condition due to delays.
  • Packages shipped via Priority Overnight are insured. In the event of a delay, we will work with the carrier to locate your shipment. In the unlikely event your shipment does not arrive in suitable condition, we will refund or replace your order; however, we cannot send a replacement until we know the condition of the original order. Please do not refuse or return the shipment as this will prevent us from making an insurance claim. Photos may be required in order to process a replacement claim. If we have to replace your order, we will do so with the closest available inventory, and the fastest available delivery. We may make substitutions or give store credit if the original items you ordered are unavailable.
  • If you choose a Friday delivery, your order may arrive after Shabbat. If your order is delayed, we will work with the carrier to request a Saturday delivery, but it may not deliver until Monday. If possible, choose an an earlier delivery day.
Condition upon arrival
  • Products are shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated. Meats that have thawed but are still cold can be refrozen immediately with no loss of quality for long-term storage. Learn more about freezing & defrosting meat here.
  • You are responsible for the prompt unpacking of shipments. We are not responsible if your order is stolen, damaged or thawed after it is delivered.
Delivery Timing
  • We are unable to request specific delivery times with the carrier. 
Address Verification
  • Please double-check your shipping address. We are not responsible for delays caused by typos, errors or omissions in the shipping address, or deliveries made by the carrier to the wrong address. Please use a phone number where you can be reached on your delivery date.
  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes.
  • You are responsible for providing the correct delivery address for gift orders, and confirming gift recipient can receive their order. You may need to coordinate with the recipient in the event of a delay.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of the products we sell, products cannot be returned for refund once they have been delivered. Please check your order carefully upon receipt. If you feel that any item you received falls short of our Guarantee, please contact us. Please do not discard any product or packaging until you have contacted us (if we sent the wrong item, we may ask you to hold it until we can arrange for a pick-up). It’s also a great idea to take a picture of anything you want us to know about (good or bad). You can reach us at 888-790-5781 or