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Flat-Rate Direct Shipping 


Update: June 11, 2021


Due to the convenience, ease, and popularity our Flat-Rate Direct Shipping to our buying club areas, we do not have plans to resume Buying Club pick-ups at this time.

As it happens, a massive shift in “business as usual” can have some bright sides. We’ve found that most of our club customers have appreciated the convenience and affordability of the flat-rate direct shipping ($36/box for orders over $350): No need to wait for confirmation that the truck has arrived, or make sure you can get to a pick-up site during a small pick-up window, or remember the order deadline.

We know many Buying Club customers loved the community aspect of the clubs, and we did too! In fact we have some of our strongest personal relationships with our Buying Club customers because of all of the logistical complexities the clubs entailed. But at this point, due to both the popularity of the flat-rate shipping and with significant cost increases and supply chain crunches (particularly in refrigerated and long-distance trucking), we've determined that the best way we can service our customers in your area is with this direct shipping program.

One note on the shippers: we are happy to report that a significant number of our shippers are re-used, and it’s easier than ever to return them to us. Once you unpack your order, you’ll find a return shipping label you can affix to the box to send it back to us for reuse (you can take it to any FedEx drop-off point). If you lose or cannot find the label, just email us and we’ll be happy to send one over.

We are so glad that we can continue to be part of your family meals in this way! Buying Clubs have been a part of Grow & Behold since the beginning. As an early adopter, your participation and support has been incredibly valuable. We welcome your feedback, questions, comments or just a chance to say hello and let us know how you’re doing after this crazy year. Feel free to respond by email, call us at 888-790-5781 or chat with us on the site.

As always, we look forward to feeding you soon!

Karen, Naf & Anna
& the Grow & Behold team

Flat Rate Program Details

Here's how to order for direct delivery for just $36/box:

  • Ship your order right to your door for $36/box for orders $350+
  • Order together with a friend if your household typically makes smaller orders so you can reach the $350 minimum together. Orders under $350 will ship at the regular Overnight Priority rate.
  • To order, select "Priority Overnight" instead of looking for the Buying Club info on the checkout page. The rate shown should be $36 (or $72 if your order fits in two boxes, etc.)  If a technical glitch results in you seeing the regular rate, place your order anyways and email us, and we’ll update the shipping fee before we charge your card.
  • Shipping containers can be returned to us for reuse with the enclosed shipping label (feel free to contact us for a new label if you misplace yours). You are also welcome to keep them to use at home.