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Flat-Rate Pilot 


August 16, 2020


In May, when much of the country was staying at home, we reached out to all of our West Coast Buying Club customers to check in and survey you on your needs and preferences. In response to your feedback, we launched a Flat Rate Pilot program to get your orders directly to your door at a heavily discounted rate, while interpersonal contact in most parts of the country was severely restricted. We expected to run this program through the end of June.

As you well know, the coronavirus pandemic in this country continues to pose health threats, and we are far from "business as usual" in so many areas of our lives. We're therefore going to continue our Flat Rate program for our Buying Club customers through the high holidays at least, and likely through the end of this year. Should circumstances change, we'll revisit this decision, but we wanted to update you now so that you can plan accordingly.

If you're one of the folks who love the convenience of the orders arriving right at your door, hooray! We're so glad this works for you. If it's not your favorite option, we hope you'll give it a try. We also regret the lost camaraderie from folks coming together at pick-up, which we know many of you enjoy. It has always been our goal to deliver quality meats efficiently and effectively, and when Priority shipping to your area was too expensive, we worked with local hosts to set up the Buying Club as a better option.  Now, the Flat Rate program is in fact the best way for us to serve you.

Flat Rate Program Details

Here's how to order for direct delivery for just $36/box:

  • Ship your order right to your door for $36/box for orders $350+
  • Order together with a friend if your household typically makes smaller orders so you can reach the $350 minimum together. Orders under $350 will ship at the regular Overnight Priority rate.
  • To order, select "Priority Overnight" instead of looking for the Buying Club info on the checkout page. The rate shown should be $36 (or $72 if your order fits in two boxes, etc.)  If a technical glitch results in you seeing the regular rate, place your order anyways and email us, and we’ll update the shipping fee before we charge your card.
  • Shipping containers can be returned to us for reuse with the enclosed shipping label (feel free to contact us for a new label if you misplace yours). You are also welcome to keep them to use at home.


We very much appreciate your business and, for so many of you, your long-standing patronage of Grow & Behold. We hope to continue to feed you and your families for years to come. 

The Grow & Behold team