StarK-GLATT OUR STORY: Kosher Pastured Meats

Our Farms


We got our start in this business working on vegetable farms, where we learned that when there is trust and respect between farmer, land, animals and consumers, the food produced is second to none.  Today, we work very closely with our farmers, processors, butchers, truck drivers, feed growers and kosher supervisors. We depend on each other, we trust each other. And these relationships produce incredible meats.

Our farmers raise Black Angus Beef, lamb, rose veal, and poultry for us in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Flock and herd sizes are small. Animals are pasture-fed and cared for with dignity. Our red meat is processed in Baltimore, our poultry in Scranton and the Hudson Valley, at facilities owned and operated by two or more generations of the same family that has run them for decades.  We chose facilities where the staff are treated with respect, and the pace is slow enough to ensure animals are calm and safe.  

Here’s more about what makes Grow and Behold Kosher Pastured Meats so special:


Pasture Raised

Animals are raised on pasture, which produces healthy animals, healthy farms, and delicious meat. Poultry graze on pasture all day and also eat GMO-free feed. Lamb are almost exclusively pasture-fed.  Our veal and cattle enjoy a pasture-based diet. Grain is gradually introduced into their diet in the last few months. Grain is not more than 50% of their lifetime diet.


No Hormones or Growth-Promoting Antibiotics

Our animals are never given hormones or growth-enhancing antibiotics. If an animal is sick, it is treated; after an appropriate waiting period it is returned to the herd. We don’t believe animals should suffer needlessly because of illness.


Humanely Raised & Handled

Animals are raised in small batches. Travel time between farm and processing is minimal. Processing facilities work slowly and with care to ensure animals are calm and safe. Our cattle are slaughtered using upright slaughter techniques (based on Temple Grandin's principles of animal restraint) by master shochtim (kosher slaughterers) with whom Naftali has worked and studied. Our beef are never slaughtered using inversion pens or "shackle and drag" methods.


Family Farms

Every farm we work with is a family business, run by folks who love their land, love the animals, take pride in their work and, in many cases, share it with the next generation.


U.S. Black Angus, specifically bred for tenderness

Black Angus cattle are known for their superior taste, quality, and marbling. Our farmers have bred their herds to do well on pasture and produce tender, well-marbled meat. Our breeding, combined with our specialized diet and aging techniques, results in beef that is second to none.



All of our poultry eat feed that is free of genetically-modified organisms. Organic Turkey enjoy certified organic feed; our other poultry enjoy GMO-free grain that is locally grown and milled with little to no pesticides or artificial fertilizers.


Wild Caught and/or Responsibly Sourced

Our seafood comes from sustainably-managed fisheries.


Never Penned

Our delicious Rose Veal comes from animals raised outdoors on pasture, with plenty of room to graze and move around. They are never forcibly confined, as is common in conventional veal. Instead, these animals nurse from their mother until 6-8 months, and then enjoy a diet of grass and locally-grown grain (including hay and haylage, fermented grain). The 500 acre farm where they are raised includes 150 acres devoted to wildlife management.