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Serious meat cooks deserve serious meat. We'd love for you to enjoy Grow & Behold premium kosher meats.

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What you'll find at Grow & Behold:

Dry-Aged Cowboy Steak

Butcher's Cut

Our premium cuts, including Dry Aged Steaks, Rack of Lamb, & More

Whole Chicken

The Basics, Elevated

From Roast Chicken to Pepper Steak, the best meats for your family


Recipes & More

Find one of our 400+ recipes to inspire your next great meal

Have you met our Denver Steak?

This well-marbled and flavorful steak is one of our customer favorites. Cut ~1.5" thick from the chuck, it packs a ton of beefy flavor. It's also extremely versatile: slice thin like a London broil or serve steaks individually.

I highly recommend! Might be one of the best cuts of all time!
- Isaac F., 4/17/18

Denver steak
This is BY FAR my family's favorite steak - grilled or broiled. I slice it thin and it is delicious when we first eat it and as leftovers in sandwiches and stir fries.
- Laura J., 1/3/18

Customer Favorites

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Our Promise to You

We deliver the best meat. Here's why:



We treat our farmers, animals, producers, and the land with the utmost respect. We raise animals on pasture in the Northeast USA. We use no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Ever.



We never compromise on quality or kashrut, and are dedicated to excellent customer service. We work directly with farmers and producers and stand behind every piece of meat we sell.



The flavor and tenderness of our meats are unparalleled. Our provisions are made with nothing but meat and spices. We deliver the best meat, anywhere in the USA.