At Grow and Behold, our commitment to the Jewish value of kashrut is at the core of everything we do. We work with world-class shochtim (kosher-slaughters) and supervisors to ensure our meats are strictly kosher.

All red meat is produced under the strict supervision of the Star-K. Our Beit Yosef Beef is certified Chalak Beit Yoseif L'Sepharadim by the Star-S. All Rose Veal and Lamb are Beit Yoseif without any additional markings on the package. (As of March 1, 2017, we began working with the Star K for Glatt kosher supervision of our red meats. As we transition from the OU, red meat packaging may bear the OU or the Star K hechsher.)

Our poultry is produced under the supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU). All birds are raised exclusively for Grow and Behold. Our chicken is processed by David Elliot Poultry Farm (also under the CHK) and our ducks are processed by Pelleh Poultry under the supervision of the OU and Rabbi Dovid Miller.  Our turkeys are produced under the OU and either the CRC or the CHK.

We work in small, family-owned processing plants, where we can personally supervise every step of the process. Our shochtim are experts in their field and uphold the highest standards of kashrut. They have plenty of time to check their knives and thoroughly inspect the lungs of each animal (for beef). We ensure that each animal is treated humanely, without electric prods or other painful techniques.

We never shackle and drag our beef. This cruel practice is the standard in South America where nearly all the grass-fed kosher meat is produced for the US market.

Letters of Certification

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