StarK-GLATT OUR STORY: Kosher Pastured Meats


How much meat do I need to buy?

We get asked this question often, and wanted to offer you some guidelines for purchasing and menu planning.

We know that the amount of meat someone eats will vary by age, gender and personal preference, so we've included a range of sizes. Keep in mind that these are estimates only, and in general, we say err on the side of cooking too much: you can't go wrong with having some leftovers around!

Pounds listed in the table below are per person.

Portion Sizes


Hearty Portion
or Main Dish
Light Portion
or Side Dish
Whole Chicken .75lb .5lb
Chicken Pieces On the Bone .75lb .5lb
Chicken Filet (Boneless) .5lb .25lb
Whole Turkey 1lb .75lb
Steak .75lb .5lb
Roast .5lb .3lb
Ground Beef .4-.5lb .25lb
Stew .4-.5lb .25lb
Kebabs .4-.5lb .25lb
Lamb Chops .75lb .5lb
Rack of Lamb (8 chops) 2 chops 1 chop
Lamb Roast .5lb .3lb
Salmon Filets .5lb .3lbs
Sausage * .4lb .2lb
Chicken Soup ** 3lbs 1.5lbs



*Beef Sausages are packed five to a pound. We estimate one sausage per person for a light eater or side dish, two for a hearty eater or main course.  Our Lamb Sausages are packed four per pound.  Duck Sausages are smaller: 1.6oz each. 
** For chicken soup, use 2 packages of bones plus 1 package of necks/feet/wings for a large pot.  For a small pot, use 1 pack bones and 1 pack necks/feet/wings.