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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
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Making delicious, pasture-raised kosher meat that meets our ethical and environmental standards available to our customers is worth every extra step we take. Its not easy to produce kosher meat, and its definitely not easy to produce pastured kosher meat. But whats the value of easy if it compromises peoples health, the environment and animal welfare? Grow & Behold Foods doesnt take the easy way: we do it the right way.


Working Conditions

Recent scandals in the kosher meat industry have reminded us of the importance of looking at the entire chain of production to ensure that the people involved in producing our meat are paid fairly, well-treated and work in conditions that are healthy and fair.

Grow and Behold:

  • Pays farmers fair prices for their products and rewards high kosher rates
  • Operates in small-scale slaughterhouses where employee safety is the first concern
  • Works with processors who pay their workers fair wages
  • Respects Jewish halachic guidelines in all aspects of business, including highest standards of kashrut and ethical labor practices

Animal Welfare

Raising animals on pasture helps to ensure they have a natural, healthy life, and are free to behave as cows (or chickens or sheep) are wont to behave. Grow & Behold only works with farmers who share our views on animal treatment, farming practices, and business ethics. We endeavor to source our animals from farms near our processing facilities in order to minimize the time that the animals spend on a truck from farm to processing.

At our slaughterhouses, the pace is slow enough to ensure that workers treat animals with respect. Our slaughterhouse systems are based on the animal handling guidelines developed by Dr. Temple Grandin to ensure that the animals are calm and stress free from the moment they arrive at our facility throughout the shechitah process. We never use electric cattle prods or shackle and hoist slaughter methods.

Click here for more detailed information about our animals.



Caring for the land, for our sake and for the sake of our children, is one of our highest concerns. We regularly inspect the farms that produce our meats and reserve the right to inspect without notice at any time of the year.

Grow & Behold operates according to the following principles of environmental stewardship:

  • Manures are handled to protect waterways and maximize soil fertility
  • Pastures are rotated to reduce soil erosion and protect fragile ecosystems
  • Waste-water is handled appropriately and safely at all stages of production
  • Travel distances are minimized at all stages in production
  • Energy use is minimized at all stages of production, from the farm to the slaughterhouse to the corporate office


Food Safety

Producing a tasty, healthy and safe product is of utmost importance to us. Grow & Behold produces in USDA inspected facilities, and follows all USDA guidelines regarding animal handling, processing, packaging, refrigeration and storage. Small-batch production allows us to pay close attention at every step of the process.


Our Farmers

While we value transparency, we do not publicize the names and addresses of our farmers to protect their privacy. Our farmers are busy and hardworking, and have requested that our customers not contact them directly. We are in constant contact with our growers and make regular, unannounced visits. We are happy to answer any of your questions about the farms and farmers.


Our Standards

We've provided an overview of our standards above, but we also want to make sure you can read the nitty gritty. You can read our standards by clicking on the links below. These detailed documents are the foundation of our promise to our customers.

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