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Glatt Kosher Meats Raised on Pasture in the USA with No Hormones or Antibiotics
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I'm a chef and had a hard time buying kosher meat from the grocery store since they put so much chemicals into it. I decided to give you a try. Great service, tasty meat, I'm hooked. Keep up the good work. A customer for life.
- Glen, Framingham
We have been thrilled with the meat we've ordered. It's absolutely delicious.
- Amy, Dayton
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Grow and Behold Ships Nationwide!

We make it easy for you to enjoy our delicious kosher pastured meats anywhere in the US. Here's how:

* We ship by FedEx in reusable insulated coolers with dry ice anywhere in the US. Your order will arrive at your door frozen or cold (even after 3 days in transit). Items that are not frozen are safe to refreeze.

* We generally ship on Monday - Thursday. Orders are due by 1PM EST on the same day of shipping. You can select Ground (1-3 day), 2-Day, or Overnight shipping options. We will not ship your order to be in transit over the weekend, so if you select a longer shipping method for Wednesday shipping we may hold your order to ship the following Monday.

* Shipping costs vary by location, and are based on the size of your shipping container (large or small). Our shopping cart will help you fill your shipping container as full as possible to minimize your shipping costs by telling you how full your box is. This feature is below the grid that shows the items currently in your cart.

* Once you have items in your cart, you can calculate your shipping costs by entering your ZIP code in the top right of the screen where it says "Shipping Cost?".

Ready to order?
Just start adding items to your cart, and select "Mail Order" as your shipping option when you check out. It's a simple process, but for step-by-step information, screen-shots, and FAQs, read on below.

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Shipping Information

  • When Will It Arrive?
  • Shipping Containers
  • Shipping Costs
  • Shipping Options and Zone Map
  • How to select shipping when you checkout
  • Shipping Policy
  • Return Policy

    When Will It Arrive?

    Orders received by 1pm on Monday-Thursday will ship out the same day. Orders recieved after 1pm will ship the next day (or the following Monday, if received after 1pm Thursday). Use the chart to see your scheduled delivery day. See Shipping Options and Zone Map to find out which shipping options are available in your area.

    Shipping Containers

    We ship our frozen products by FedEx in reusable insulated coolers. The coolers come in two sizes: a small box holds 15-28lbs; a large box holds 30-55lbs. You can see how full your box is below the list of items in your cart on the shopping cart page.

    Our system will help you fill it to make the most of your shipping costs. Once your order is too big for a small box, the system will automatically switch you over to a large box. Once your order is too big for a large box, we'll start you on a second box.

    Shipping Costs

    Shipping charges vary by location. Calculate your shipping cost using the "Shipping Cost?" box on the right of the screen - just enter your ZIP code to see the cost of various shipping options available in your area. The Cost per pound shown is based on the items currently in your shipping box. As you get closer to 100%, you will see the cost go down.

    In the Northeast, charges average $12-$14 for a small box and $18-$22 for a large box. Shipping to the West Coast is more expensive. A Packing and Refrigerant charge of $12.50 (small box) or $21 (large box) will be added to shipping orders at checkout.

    When the shipping and packaging charges are added together you'll find that a full box can be shipped to you for a little less than $1/lb in most areas of the Northeast. As far as we can tell, this is the most competitive shipping around!

    Shipping Options and Zone Map

    When you check out, you'll be asked to choose your preferred shipping method. Here is some important information to help you choose:
    • FedEx Ground/Home Delivery is the least expensive and is available for the pink, blue and orange areas on the map below. Depending on where you live, FedEx Ground will take 1 day (pink), 2 days (blue) or 3 days (orange) to arrive.
    • If you live in the green or purple areas, you may choose a 1- or 2-day Express option.
    FedEx Ground Shipping/Home Delivery Map

    How to select shipping when you checkout

    These screenshots will help you navigate the checkout screens. The numbers - ie, (#1) - correspond to the red numbers in the screenshots to help you find your way around. 1. Make sure your box is full! Minimize your shipping costs.

    Shipping charges are per box, not per pound. On the Shopping Cart page, we'll tell you how close your box is to being full, so you can add or subtract accordingly (#1.) Once your order is too big for a small box, we will switch you over to a large box and let you know how close that one is to being full. If there is still room for more items, we'll tell you which items will still fit in your box (#2.)

    2. Select Mail Order
    After you've added all your items to your shopping cart, click on the drop down menu under "Pick up / Delivery" and select "Mail Order." (#1) Enter the ZIP code of the address where your meat will be shipped (#2). Then click "Check Out" (#3).

    3. Choose your Shipping Method
    On the next screen, you'll see a drop down menu asking you to chose your shipping option. Click on "Please Select" (#4). Choose your preferred shipping option. If FedEx Ground (the cheapest option) is available in your area, it will be listed at the bottom of the drop down menu.

    On the next screen you'll be asked to enter your address and credit card information. Please make sure to enter everything carefully as your order won't go through if any field are missing!

    Policies & Returns

    Please review our shipping policies
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