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Buying Club Update


In order to continue to serve you better, we have moved to Flat-Rate Direct Shipping in areas where we used to offer a FedEx-based Buying Club. This means you can enjoy the convenience of ordering on your own schedule, pre-paid return labels for returning your shipper, and flat-rate shipping fees (which are not available anywhere else). For details, please read below or be in touch. We look forward to feeding you soon!


Flat-Rate Direct Shipping Program

How does it work?

  • Flat-Rate Shipping: $24 per small box / $30 per large box with $150 minimum order
  • Your Address, Your Schedule: Orders arrive right to your door on the day you choose
  • Pre-paid Shipper Returns: Orders include a pre-paid return label so you can simply return them for us to reuse

Wait, why aren't you offering Buying Clubs any more?

  • Mistakes and staff time: It is technically difficult to organize orders for so many group shipments, which means extended staff time and more errors
  • Minimal efficiencies: We weren't actually able to significantly reduce the number shipping boxes needed
  • Delays are inconvenient: Delays can cause major inconveniences for Buying Club hosts and customers, including wasted or repeated trips or other scheduling challenges, especially right before holidays. Keeping everyone informed in the event of delays is challenging, and can cause additional frustrations.
  • You shouldn't have to wait! Waiting to order until the holidays causes a bottleneck, adds to your to-do list at an already busy time of year, makes it easy to miss deadlines, and makes it harder to enjoy Grow & Behold meats year-round, on your schedule.

But I've been a loyal Buying Club customer for years -- do I now have to pay regular shipping?

Nope! These rates are only available to customers in Buying Club areas located in our 3-day Ground Shipping Zone, for orders over $150 shipped in the Ground network. Smaller orders and overnight orders will be rated at our standard rates (which are still, by the way, heavily discounted from retail shipping rates).

Why do I have to pay per box?

Our shipping costs (the dry ice, the container itself, and the shipping) -- are all per box, which is why our new flat-rate shipping program is based on the number of boxes you ship, not the total weight of your order. Our website will let you know how full your box (or boxes) are, so you can make the most of your shipping charges.

I still have some questions.

We are here to help. You can reach us by email at or phone at 888-790-5781. We will be happy help you make the most of your flat-rate shipping, and answer any questions you may have. Please be in touch!