Favorite Cookbooks
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Favorite Cookbooks

Sep 18th 2017


These cookbooks address the specific cooking needs of grassfed meat, but they are not kosher cookbooks. Skip the appropriate chapters!

Grassfed Gourmet by Shannon Hayes( Eating Fresh Publications, 2004) beautiful cookbook with an extensive range of recipes for chicken, beef and lamb (and pork). Shannon Hayes goes to great length to explain the different cooking techniques needed for grass-fed meats, and offers recipes in a range of categories, including Showstoppers, On a Budget, Kid Friendly and Quick & Easy. The book is peppered with anecdotes and stories from her own family farm.

The Farmer and The Grill by Shannon Hayes, (Left to Write Press, 2007). Just in time for grilling season! A step-by-step guide to grilling all your favorite meats, with an extensive list of sauces and rubs.

Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon, 1997). More a manifesto than a cookbook, this tome will expose the nutrition myths of the diet dictocrats and introduce you to the Weston A. Price Foundations food guidelines, which include a healthy dose of organ meats, whole grains, and fermented foods.

These are excellent Jewish cookbooks, which do not make adjustments for pastured meats. When following recipes in these cookbooks, we recommend you turn down the temperature when cooking dark meat chicken.