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Shechita Demonstration
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Shechita Demonstration

Sep 18th 2017


Naftali Hanau is a licensed Shochet, and along with his wife Anna, has been instrumental in developing the field of educational kosher slaughter in the US Jewish Community. For nearly a decade, we have taught Rabbinical students, synagogue members, conference participants, families and individuals about the process of making kosher meat in Jewish tradition.

"The kosher shechita session was both powerful spiritually and informed in a prosaic way, helping me intellectually and experientially understand the black box between "a chicken" and "chicken"
- Hazon Food Conference participant, August 2011

The chicken shechita was by far the most successful event all summer. People loved it."
- Ariel Kohane, Agudas Achim Environmental Scholar-in-Residence Columbus, OH

Contact us to bring this meaningful, dynamic program to your community: or 888-790-5781.

Program Description

The program runs 3 hours, and includes:

- Orientation to the day
- Schechting of 3 birds
- Plucking & processing (hands-on!)
- Kashering Process (Soaking - 30 min; Salting - 1hr), during which time we will learn together
- Final rinsing, packaging of kosher, ready-to-eat poultry

We will put together our learning session based on your group's interest in various areas. Topics covered could include:

- Hilchot Shechita: laws of kosher slaughter, including knife sharpening and technique
- Training to be a shochet
- Laws of making kosher meat
- Ethical and environmental issues related to meat production
- Running a family-owned kosher meat business

Program costs start at $1000 plus travel if applicable. Please note this is a demonstration only. We do not offer training for persons interested in becoming shochtim.