Whole Chicken, Cut in Eighths

Whole Chicken, Cut in Eighths

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8 pieces per pack

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About this cut:

Our famous Sara's Spring Chicken, cut up into 8 pieces! Wing, breast, thigh and leg. Save the hassle of carving your bird and let us do it for you!

Other names for this cut: Cut-up fryer

Basic Cooking Technique:

Grill, braise, roast or fry.


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  • 5
    Dede Smith

    Posted by Dede Smith on Oct 18th 2018

    Chicken was great and so clean - absolutely no hairs on it to clean

  • 3
    Chicken in 1/8 ths

    Posted by Maurice Fleischmann on May 15th 2018

    I liked it packed as two halves.

    Grow and Behold Response: Good news, Maurice! We now sell a Half Chicken, Cut in 1/8ths!

  • 5

    Posted by Brenda on May 15th 2018

    Seems no matter how I cook this chicken it is always juicy and tasty. Often I find the simplest recipes are the best.

  • 5
    Chickens in 1/8

    Posted by Esther on May 10th 2018

    Love their taste. Reminds me of chickens we had in moshav in israel as a child.

  • 5
    fresh, tasty chicken

    Posted by Claire Stampfer c/o Rabbi Joshua Stampfer on Apr 7th 2018

    prefer back to be separated from rest of chicken

  • 5
    The best purchase

    Posted by MARVA MANUEL on Apr 3rd 2018

    the chicken was packed very nice and fresh and made the best broth

  • 5
    Something for everyone!

    Posted by Amir on Mar 21st 2018

    The whole bird with none of the work to break it down OR clean, this comes out of the package ready to be seasoned, thrown in the oven, and enjoyed by everyone! What peace of mind to know this animal was raised and brought to me both ethically and fresher than any other meat!

  • 4
    Whole chicken cut in eighths

    Posted by Esther on Jan 23rd 2018

    Very satisfied with product

  • 5
    Chicken in eighths

    Posted by Esther on Dec 25th 2017

    We continue to enjoy these all the time