Whole Duck

Whole Duck

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1 whole duck per pack

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Delight in duck! Our pasture-raised Pekin ducks are tender, flavorful and rich. Roast whole and save the fat, or butcher down and serve seared duck breasts and duck legs confit. You can expect 2 cups rendered duck fat from a whole roasted duck. Strain the shmaltz into a clean jar and store in your refrigerator to use with vegetables, potatoes, steak, challah and more.

Basic Cooking Technique

Score or prick the skin before cooking in order to allow the fat to render out. Roast whole, draining the fat off periodically. Then put your carcass to work making scrumptious stock. Duck is very rich -- even a little bit added to a salad will go a long way, so with creativity you can get a few meals out of one Whole Duck.


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