Ground Lamb

Ground Lamb

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The flavor of lamb in the convenience of a ground meat, ground lamb is a flexible staple to make a variety of dishes. Shape into kibbeh, mix with ground beef in meatloaf, or make lamb burgers with cilantro, mint and garlic. The possibilities are endless, the flavor is incredible.

Basic Cooking Technique

Use in your favorite ground meat recipes.


Spicy Lamb Pizza with Parsley and Red Onions


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    Ground Lamb

    Posted by Sara Shapiro-Plevan on Mar 27th 2018

    This lamb tastes like nothing I've ever tasted before. I was always reluctant to try lamb, but this has a flavor that is not gamey, a texture that is soft and is simply delicious. It makes any recipe just out of this world, and even served alone, sauteed with some onions and garlic or in kofta balls with some spices, simply delicious.

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    ground lamb

    Posted by D. Matza on Mar 20th 2018

    One of my favorites, for its richness and versatility. Makes excellent lamb chili, dolma, non-dairy pasticchio, lamb meatball for a vindaloo, and so on.

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    Delicious and tasty lamb!

    Posted by Meryl Rodgers on Feb 20th 2018

    I feel better eating lamb because I know you use lamb that is raised ethically

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    Why are my meatballs the best?

    Posted by Elke Shayna on Feb 12th 2018

    "Your meatballs taste better than Seth's!" So says my brother Daniel... and even Seth himself, when he finally came over to try. The secret: one pound of this delicious ground lamb to one pound of meatball mix. I should note: We live in the rural far Northeast. Years ago my family ran a sheep farm, so we actually know firsthand what natural, pastured farm raised lamb should taste like. This is it!!