Korean Short Ribs / Miami Steak

Korean Short Ribs / Miami Steak

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6 strips per pack. (Beit Yosef is a Sephardi kashrut designation. Our Beit Yosef meat is also Chasidiche Schechita, and glatt kosher.)

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About this cut:

New fabrication!  We're cutting our popular Korean Short Ribs from our 3-Bone Short Ribs, giving you a thin, very well-marbled steak that can be grilled quickly.  Tender, flavorful and delicious.  These bone-in ribs are cut to ~.5" thick. These are perfect for a quick marinade and fast grilling.

Other names for this cut: Kalbi or Galbi (Korean)

Basic Cooking Technique:

Grill, broil or pan-sear quickly over very high heat.  If desired, mellow over indirect heat to allow meat to relax, 10-15 minutes.


Korean Short Ribs


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