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Tender and Delicious
Grow & Behold has the best products and customer service. The turkey is absolutely the best. I would not buy my turkey anywhere else.
- Jeffrey K.

Organic Turkey
I have one complaint. Once you have this turkey, you won't be able to eat any other kind.
- Nina S.

It was delicious!!
The whole process of ordering, delivery, cooking help, and the taste of your turkey was wonderful! Our turkey had the most juice I’ve ever had. It was delicious!! Thank you! 
- Susan C.

This Thanksgiving, We've Got Your Bird

Our pastured poultry are tender, juicy, delicious. Leaner than conventional birds, they cook much more quickly. And we have many sizes and options to chose from. Browse our suggestions below, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right option for your holiday table, no matter how big or how small. 


  • ornish Hen

    Cornish Hen

    Available Now
    Why you'll love it: Petite, tender, look beautiful on a plate
    Roast Time: ~30min/lb @325F
    Serves: 1-2 each
  • Whole Chicken

    Whole Chicken

    Available Now
    Why you'll love it: Classic, homey, comforting, amazing flavor
    Roast Time: ~12min/lb @325F
    Serves: 3-6
  • Small Turkey

    Small Turkey

    Sold Out
    Why you'll love it: Juicy, quick-cooking, lean and flavorful
    Cook Time: ~12min/lb @325F
    Serves: 12-14
  • Large Turkey

    Large Turkey

    Available Now
    Why you'll love it: Enough for leftovers!
    Cook Time: ~15min/lb @325F
    Serves: 15-18
  • Half Turkey

    Half Turkey

    Sold Out
    Why you'll love it: As easy to roast as a Whole Chicken, with both white & dark meat
    Cook Time: ~10min/lb @325F
    Serves: 5-8
  • Turkey Drumsticks

    Turkey Drumsticks

    Sold Out
    Why you'll love it: Rich, flavorful dark meat, striking presentation; can be smoked, braised or low roasted
    Braise Time: ~20min/lb @275-300F
    Serves: 1-2
  • Turkey Breast Filet

    Turkey Breast Filet

    Available Now
    Why you'll love it: Moist, tender white meat, easy to carve
    Cook Time: ~10min/lb @325F
    Serves: 2-4
  • Boneless Turkey Thigh

    Boneless Turkey Thigh

    Available Now
    Why you'll love it: Grill or roast for shawarma
    Cook Time: ~10min/lb @375F
    Serves: 1-2 

Most-Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most common questions. Still need help? Please be in touch -- we are here to help you have a wonderful holiday.

Whole Turkey

How do I defrost my turkey?

Allow 24hrs per five pounds of meat to defrost in the fridge (you can put your turkey in the fridge now, or by Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving). To defrost more quickly, allow 30min per pound to defrost in cold water. 

Whole Turkey

How do I cook turkey?

Allow 12-15min/lb and cook at 325F until internal temperature reaches 165F. The meat may still be pink when it is fully cooked.

Brussels Sprouts

Do you have recipes?

Absolutely. We have recipes for Basic Turkey & Gravy -- and fancier preparations as well. We also have side-dishes and parve desserts.

Turkey Cooking School

Whole Turkey

Perfect Smoked Turkey

Our juicy birds are perfect for smoking! Start a new family tradition with the delicious smell of slowly smoking turkey perfuming the air as you cook the sidedishes (bonus: the oven is now available for pie). Learn how in our step-by-step guide

Whole Turkey

Traditional Roast Turkey

This will be your most delicious Thanksgiving yet. Our birds are lean and cook quickly: Allow 12-15min/lb and cook at 325F until internal temperature reaches 165F. The meat may still be pink when it is fully cooked.

What is a Half Turkey?

A Half Turkey is exactly one half of a traditional whole roasting turkey. Neatly sliced along the breastbone, the result is basically a much more manageable turkey with exactly one breast, one drumstick, one thigh and one wing instead of two. At ~5-8lbs, it's just as delicious as our whole birds, but is about as easy (and quick) to roast as a whole chicken. Allow 10min/lb at 325F then use a thermometer to check for doneness.

Half Turkeys are great if you're hosting a small gathering who still wants a roasted turkey. They're also a nice option if you're serving a large crowd but don't want to hoist a super-large bird in and out of the oven: go with a medium-sized Whole Turkey, and roast a Half Turkey as well.

Timing Your Delivery

Shipping: When shipping the week of Thanksgiving, we strongly encourage you to chose Priority Overnight shipping, even if Ground shipping is available in your area, due to heavy volume in the shipping system and the increased likelihood of delays. 

NY/NJ Area Delivery:
We are delivering on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving. 


Plan to Defrost Your Turkey

Shipping: Turkeys are shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or partially defrosted. To defrost, allow 24hrs per 5lbs to defrost in the fridge, or defrost it more quickly in cold water. Learn more about defrosting here. We are unable to offer pre-defrosting for orders shipped via FedEx.


NY/NJ Area Delivery: Turkeys delivered the week of Thanksgiving by us to our NY/NJ Area Delivery customers will be delivered partially defrosted. We begin defrosting the birds in the fridge on Sunday, November 22 (only if they have been ordered by 5am 11/22). You will need to continue defrosting the bird after it is delivered. 

What if my package is delayed?

We pack all our shipments to withstand extended transit time. Don't worry if the package is delayed by a day, and don't refuse the package. We'll send a replacement if necessary once we know the condition it's in upon arrival.

That said, we strongly encourage you not to choose a Friday delivery. While delays are rare, they can happen, and a Friday delivery may be delivered after Shabbat, or the following Monday. Upgrade to a faster shipping method, or ship the following week if possible to avoid a Friday delivery.

Ensuring your order arrives in great shape is what we do every day. Please review our Shipping Policies here, or call us if you have any questions!

Our Promise to You

Raised on Pasture • No Hormones • No Antibiotics



We treat our farmers, animals, producers, and the land with the utmost respect. We raise animals on pasture in the Northeast USA. We use no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Ever.



We never compromise on quality or kashrut, and are dedicated to excellent customer service. We work directly with farmers and producers and stand behind every piece of meat we sell.



The flavor and tenderness of our meats are unparalleled. Our provisions are made with nothing but meat and spices. We deliver the best meat, anywhere in the USA.