Thanksgiving Info

Still need to order turkey? It's not too late!

For the first time ever, we're completely sold out of our Whole Turkeys before Thanksgiving. But lucky for those of you still looking for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, our Half Turkeys are one of our best kept secrets. Half Turkeys cook in about an hour, are easy to lift and carve, and can be augmented with more of your favorite turkey cuts.

Most-Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most common questions. Still need help? Please be in touch -- we are here to help you have a wonderful holiday.

Whole Turkey

How do I defrost my turkey?

Allow 24hrs per five pounds of meat to defrost in the fridge -- this means you should put your turkey in the fridge on Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving.

Whole Turkey

How do I cook turkey?

Allow 12-15min/lb and cook at 325F until internal temperature reaches 165F. The meat may still be pink when it is fully cooked.

Brussels Sprouts

Do you have recipes?

Absolutely. We have recipes for Basic Turkey & Gravy -- and fancier preparations as well. We also have sidedishes and parve desserts.

Thanksgiving Favorites

It's not just about the turkey! Here are other popular items to help you enjoy a great holiday weekend.

Our Promise to You

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We treat our farmers, animals, producers, and the land with the utmost respect. We raise animals on pasture in the Northeast USA. We use no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Ever.



We never compromise on quality or kashrut, and are dedicated to excellent customer service. We work directly with farmers and producers and stand behind every piece of meat we sell.



The flavor and tenderness of our meats are unparalleled. Our provisions are made with nothing but meat and spices. We deliver the best meat, anywhere in the USA.