Top of the Rib

Top of the Rib

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1 roast per pack. (Beit Yosef is a Sephardi kashrut designation. Our Beit Yosef meat is also Chasidiche Schechita, and glatt kosher.)

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About this cut:

This roast is very similar to brisket in texture and cooking method and smaller than a whole brisket. More marbled than a first cut brisket, but leaner than second cut and a slightly beefier flavor.

Basic Cooking Technique:

Braise low and slow


Shallot and Tomato Top of the Rib

Braised BBQ Top of the Rib

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    Incredible flavor, tender & delicious!

    Posted by Melanie Block on Apr 2nd 2018

    The recommendation for this choice for my holiday brisket was perfect!!