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Forequarter or Forehalf

Forequarter or Forehalf

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Pasture Fed Black Angus Beef No Hormones or Antibiotics Humanely Raised & Handled U.S. Family Farms

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Enjoy the full range of flavors and culinary possibilities of our premium pasture-raised Black Angus Beef when you order a forehalf or forequarter of the steer. If you're someone who wants to try new cuts of beef, has a big freezer (or lots of friends) and likes to save with bulk purchases, this is for you! Click on the "Details" for specific info on what is included. Bulk beef purchases may not be made with regular promotional coupons. Products will be shipped frozen and arrived frozen or refrigerated. *Price per pound is an estimate for comparison purposes only. Click on the "Details" tab to learn more.


If you're someone who wants to try new cuts of beef, has a big freezer (or lots of friends) and likes to save with bulk purchases, purchasing a Forehalf or Forequarter will save 5-10% off the retail prices and introduce you to the full range of cuts and flavors on the steer. Bulk beef purchases may not be made with regular promotional coupons, sales or special offers.

You can purchase a Forehalf (the front half of the cow, that is, the kosher half) or a Forequarter (half of a Forehalf).

One Forehalf includes the following (divide amounts in half for a Forequarter):


    • CHOOSE: Hanger Steak or Demi-Hanger Steaks (~3lbs)
    • 4 Skirt Steaks (~2lbs)
    • CHOOSE: 14-16 1.25" Rib Steaks or 8 2" Rib-steaks or 1 Standing or Regular for Rib Roast (~15-16 lbs)
    • CHOOSE: 14-16 Chuck Steaks or Chuck-eye Roast (~8lbs)
    • 2 Chuck Pot Roast (~3-4lbs)
    • CHOOSE: English Short Ribs or Flanken (~8-12lbs)
    • CHOOSE: 3-Bone Short Ribs or Spare Ribs or Plate Flanken (~8-12lbs)
    • CHOOSE: 2 French Roast or Denver Steaks (~4-7lbs) 
    • CHOOSE: 2 Whole Brisket or 1 each of the 1st and 2nd Cut Briskets (~7-8lbs)
    • CHOOSE: Minute London Broil, Minute Roast, or Minute Steaks (~4-6lbs)
    • 2 London Broil (~4lb)
    • CHOOSE: Shoulder Steak or Roast or Pepper Steak or Cubes for Kabob or Sandwich Steak (~10-12lb)
    • Beef Cheeks (~4lbs)
    • CHOOSE: ~20 lbs Stew Beef or Chulent Meat
    • CHOOSE: ~50 lbs Ground Beef or Lean Ground Beef
    • CHOOSE: Cross-cut or Boat Cut Marrow Bones (~5-6lbs)
    • ~1 Box Beefy Bones (~4-6lbs)


Pricing and Shipping Information

A Forehalf will run approximately between $3500 - $4500, depending on the exact weights and the mix of cuts. A Forequarter will be approximately half that. Payment is due when your order ships. Any substitutes other than those listed above may affect the total price.  

A Forehalf includes approximately 175-200 lbs of meat, and will take up about 10 cubic feet of freezer space. A Forequarter is half that amount.


How To Order

Make your selection and place your order.  We will not charge your card right away.  We will contact you to confirm whether you would like steaks/roasts/kabobs, etc.  Once we have finalized your choices, we'll place the order and send you an updated total price.

Additional Info

This product is shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated.

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Packs & Weights

Our frozen meats are packaged in vacuum-sealed packages. Most packages contain one piece (ie, one Brisket). Some packages will contain two pieces (ie, Lamb Chops). Packages of smaller items, such as Chicken Wings or Pepper Steak, will contain multiple pieces.

For red meat items and multi-pack poultry items, vacuum-sealed packages may be packed in a cardboard box. If there is an option to choose how many packages you'd like in the box, you'll make that selection under "Number of Packages". Then you'll choose the total weight of the box (that is, the combined weight of all the the packages in that box). If only one choice is showing in a green box, you do not need to make any selection.

Example: Lamb Chops

Let's say you're ordering Lamb Chops and you select the following:

You've chosen: 2 packs, ~1.1lbs, and the price shows as $39.99.

You’ll receive 1 box, with 2 packages of lamb chops inside. The whole thing will weigh approximately ~1.1lbs and will cost $39.99.

Each package will contain 2 lamb chops, and weigh approximately .65lbs.

You’ll have 4 lamb chops in total. Each will weigh approximately .35lbs (note that some may be slightly larger and some slightly smaller).

Weight Ranges & Prices

To keep our fulfillment system practical and manageable, products with variable weights are sold in a weight range (this includes most frozen meats, with the exception of deli meats, sausages and beef jerky). We keep the ranges as small as practically possible to minimize the variation you might receive. If a price/lb is shown with a *, it is an estimate for comparison purposes only, since the price associated with each weight is the price for all items within that weight range.

This chart shows the weight ranges for all our products:

less than 0.99lb 0.05lb
1lb - 2.19lb 0.1lb
2.2lb - 2.74lb 0.30lb
2.75lb - 10.24lb 0.25lb
10.25lb - 19.99lb 0.5lb
over 20lbs 1lb