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Lamb Cubes for Stew/Kabob

Lamb Cubes for Stew/Kabob

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Pasture Fed No Hormones or Antibiotics Humanely Raised & Handled

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These boneless lamb cubes are cut from the shoulder and are tender enough to use in any recipe calling for boneless lamb. Delicious in soups and stews as well as threaded on skewers and cooked on the grill. At Grow & Behold, we bring you quality kosher meats, raised on pasture in the US without hormones or antibiotics. Our lamb enjoy a diet which includes all the lushness of the countryside, along with a small amount of grain at finishing; they are never fed hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. *Price per pound is an estimate for comparison purposes only. Click on the "Details" tab to learn more.
About this cut

These boneless lamb cubes are cut from the shoulder and are tender enough to use in any recipe calling for boneless lamb. Delicious in soups and stews as well as threaded on skewers and cooked on the grill.

Basic Cooking Technique

Braise in soups/stews. Kabobs can be cooked on the grill.


Spanish Lamb Stew with White Beans

Lamb Kabobs with Herbs

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This product is shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated.

*Price per pound is an estimate for comparison purposes only. Click on the "Details" tab to learn more.

  • 5
    perfect lamb

    Posted by Diane on Oct 6th 2020

    I love these cubes because the fat has been trimmed from them so neatly. I have been ordering it for years and am certain that Susan Friedman (the reviewer just ahead of me on this page,) must have confused it with lamb she bought elsewhere, or perhaps ordered a different cut - fatty cuts do have culinary purposes. Lamb is usually very fatty. But because it is grass-fed, pastured, G&B lamb is always more meat than fat. I love lamb in general, always have. But these cubes are special because they let you make a wonderful meal without the work of trimming off the fat.

  • 3
    Lamb cubes for stew/kabob

    Posted by Susan Friedman on Aug 10th 2020

    The cubes were EXTREMELY fatty; many were more fat than meat. A single package is barely enough for two people. Lamb was pretty chewy. Note from Grow & Behold: Thanks for the review Susan, we've reached out via email to address what sounds like an unusual pack.

  • 5
    Lamb cubes

    Posted by Dr. Anita Rosenfield on Jul 21st 2020

    Jamie Geller shared a recipe for Lamb tagine in her emails. It looked easy and I love lamb and had all ingredients except the lamb and fresh ginger. I ordered the lamb from Grow & Behold and got the ginger in my grocery order and made this simple recipe. On a five-star scale, I gave it six stars! I thought I was in heaven. The lamb was perfect, tender, succulent, absorbed all the flavors (ginger, prunes, apricots, cinnamon. . . ) and my mouth, tongue, taste buds were all overjoyed. What a delight. I had actually tried the recipe before with lamb shanks--no comparison--use the cubes. Ausgezeichnet!

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Wendy on May 14th 2020

    We used it with chicken to make shawarma, it was really good!

  • 5

    Posted by Kitty gross on Oct 4th 2019

    Lamb was great, I make a lamb and lentil stew for roshashana and I’m told it was fantastic

  • 5
    Amy Messing

    Posted by Amy Messing on Apr 11th 2019

    This lamb is the best ever. It is great in a stew as well as kabobs.

  • 5
    lamb cubes for stew

    Posted by Patricia Bizzell on Nov 22nd 2018

    I use them for several kinds of stew/braised dishes and they are always excellent--truly a staple in this lamb-loving kitchen!

  • 5
    Lamb Cubes

    Posted by Nathalie Lawrence on Jun 28th 2018

    We live in DC but we were traveling with family from Israel who are strictly kosher. We were on Marco Island in Florida where kosher meats are limited and difficult to find. In a panic I thought of going on line. I picked Grow and Behold for a few reasons. 1. The website was very user friendly and made finding options easy. 2. The customer service. I ordered late afternoon on a Thursday for Friday night dinner. I picked lamb cubes placed the order online. I was so nervous I called to make sure the meat would arrive in time. I was told not to worry that it would arrive Friday by 11am. And it DID! It arrived in a cooler with dry ice nice and cold even in the south Florida heat. And the meat was DELICIOUS! Pre cubed was perfect for the grill we made kabobs. Super easy prep. The meat was fresh and tasty! Thanks to Grow and Behold!

  • 5
    Lamb cubes

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 29th 2018

    The cubes are tender and tasty. We love making lamb stew with green olives and apricots. Or more of a tangible with chickpeas and sweet potato. Anything I can make in the crockpot. And I think these cubes are much tastier than beef. Thanks Grow and Behokd for supplying high quality and tasty organic kosher meat!

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