Lamb Shoulder (Bone-In)

Lamb Shoulder (Bone-In)

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A classic cut in French cooking, this bone-in roast is perfect for slow cooking. A versatile cut, lamb shoulder can be braised; slow, dry roasted at low heat; or for a real treat, smoke for 18-24 hours. After cooking, meat can be pulled, or sliced off the bone.

Basic Cooking Technique

Braise, smoke, or roast low and slow.


Rosemary and Thymed Pulled Lamb Shoulder

Shwarma-Spiced Lamb Shoulder

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    Posted by Michael on Jun 4th 2018

    I covered this roast in store bought shawarma seasoning and then slow roasted in the oven. When it was ready, I shredded the meat with some forks. It was so good that my family demanded that it be added to our regular rotation.

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    Cindy Hodkin

    Posted by Cindy hodkin on Jan 15th 2018

    The lamb was delicious but after cleaning it and roasting it, I lost almost half of the raw weight in fat and bone. I ended up with about 4 portions of meat. I often buy lamb shoulder on the bone from my regular butcher and this has never happened. The lamb, however was delicious!