Short Ribs - Three-Bone Rack

Short Ribs - Three-Bone Rack

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1 strip per pack.

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About this cut:

We take the three meatiest bones from the plate and cut you perfect strips ~4" wide and 3 bones long (~8"). These beautifully marbled ribs are trimmed to perfection. These short ribs are eady for your smoker, grill, or slow cooker. Don't forget napkins!

Basic Cooking Technique:

Grill, smoke, or braise.


Smoked Short Ribs

Ginger Soy Short Ribs

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    Smoked to perfection

    Posted by Marc Melzer on Aug 23rd 2018

    I smoked (hickory chips on a gas grill, meat on the cool side) these yesterday for about 5.5 hours. They'd have been better off staying on the grill for longer, but our schedule didn't allow it. I put a maple bbq rub (McCormick) and the ribs turned out wonderfully. I will definitely be repeating these in my smoker at home.

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    Short Ribs

    Posted by Yossi Farren on Jan 15th 2018

    These ribs were supremely succulent. Cooked in a smoker for 7 hours, they were ... delicious. Melting. Such a rich flavor. And huge. Truly superb.

    I got 6 packs (2 ribs per person, for 8 people) which was more then enough. So, so good. The ONLY caveat (and it is barely one) is that one of the packages was not completely vaccuum sealed, and had very slight freezer burn, which was not detectable, once cooked.

    Utterly delicious, would highly recommend.