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Passover with Grow & Behold

Grow & Behold delivers the best kosher for Passover meats and provisions -- anywhere in the US.

Make your Passover extra delicious with Grow & Behold! Our premium kosher for Passover meats are raised on pasture on family farms in the USA without hormones or antibiotics, expertly butchered, and delivered right to your door. We are well-stocked, and restocking regularly, to get you what you need for Passover. No matter how many folks will be at your holiday table, we have briskets and other cuts of all sizes to help you enjoy delicious meals for Seder and beyond.

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Passover Kashrut Information

  • All products purchased after February 1, 2021 that are suitable for use on Passover will have the words "Kosher for Passover' in the product name on our website. (All of our unseasoned, raw Beef, Veal, Lamb and Poultry are kosher for Passover year-round with no additional markings on the package. The packages themselves will not say "kosher for Passover" unless specific Passover certification is required -- see below.)

  • For products purchased before February 1, 2021: All of our unseasoned, raw Beef, Veal, Lamb and Poultry are kosher for Passover year-round with no additional markings on the package. Yes, you can serve steaks, roasts, raw chicken, etc. that you have already purchased on Passover. For information on ground meats purchased before February 1, please review this table.

  • Anything with ingredients other than meat must have a Passover hechsher (OU-P or Star K-P) for use on Passover. You can find our kosher for Passover sausages, hot dogs, deli meats, gefilte fish and various cheeses here. Marinated meats, kishka, raw sausages, cocktail franks, beef jerky, Montreal smoked meat, salami and lamb bacon will not be available for Passover.

Delivery and Shipping Deadlines

  • We ship anywhere in the USA. Our shipping deadline is 1pm ET Monday - Thursday. We recommend you choose the earliest possible delivery date and don't plan to cook meats on the day they are scheduled to arrive.

  • In the NY/NJ Area, we make local deliveries Tuesday - Friday. Order deadline is 5am on the day of delivery.

  • The exact delivery timing is beyond our control. Delays are rare, but can happen. Please review our policies in the event of delivery or shipping delays.

  • All raw meats are shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated. Learn more about defrosting and storage.

Great Braising Roasts for Seder

Every one of our pastured braising roasts is delicious, from the leanest to most marbled, smallest to largest. Use the descriptions below to find what's right for you, or contact us for a recommendation!

  • First Cut Brisket

    First Cut Brisket

    Why you'll love it: Classic cut, lean, even grain
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Partially submerged
    Serves: 8-12
  • First Cut Brisket

    Whole Brisket

    Why you'll love it: Large roast serves a crowd, or leftovers; contains both lean and marbled sections
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Partially submerged
    Serves: 10-16
  • Chuck Pot Roast

    Chuck Pot Roast

    Why you'll love it: Beefy "chuck steak" flavor, well-marbled, more economical
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Partially or fully submerged
    Serves: 6-8
  • Beef Osso Bucco

    Beef Osso Bucco

    Why you'll love it: Rich flavor, beautiful presentation
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Mostly submerged
    Serves: 1-2 per piece
  • Deckel

    French Brisket

    Why you'll love it: Delicious and tender netted roast, presents beautifully
    Cook Time: ~45min/lb
    Liquid: Partially submerged
    Serves: 4-6
  • Top of the Rib

    Top of the Rib

    Why you'll love it: More tender than brisket, evenly marbled (somewhere between 1st/2nd cut)
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Partially submerged
    Serves: 6-8
  • Second Cut Brisket

    Second Cut Brisket

    Why you'll love it: Nicely marbled, small, great flavor
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Partially submerged
    Serves: 4-5
  • Deckel


    Why you'll love it: Leaner than first-cut brisket, economical
    Cook Time: ~60min/lb
    Liquid: Fully submerged
    Serves: 3-5

Passover Provisions

Enjoy our nitrate-free Passover provisions for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Seder Mains

With Passover starting right after Shabbat, we strongly recommend a Seder main course that can be made ahead. These recipes will work for gatherings of 2-20, and can all be made ahead and frozen.

Cornish Hens

Cornish Hen
with Kumquats & Olives

Try it with:
Cornish Hens, Chicken Thighs, Leg Quarters


My Mother's
Sweet & Sour Brisket

Try it with:
First Cut Brisket, Top of the Rib, Brisket Strip

Osso Bucco

Braised Beef with Lots and
Lots of Onions

Try it with:
Osso Bucco, Chuck Pot Roast, Shin Meat


Our Promise To You

We deliver the best meat. Here's why:



We treat our farmers, animals, producers, and the land with the utmost respect. We raise animals on pasture in the Northeast USA. We use no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Ever.



We never compromise on quality or kashrut, and are dedicated to excellent customer service. We work directly with farmers and producers and stand behind every piece of meat we sell.



The flavor and tenderness of our meats are unparalleled. Our provisions are made with nothing but meat and spices. We deliver the best meat, anywhere in the USA.