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Passover with Grow & Behold

It's not too late to order for Passover!

Grow & Behold delivers the best selection of Kosher for Passover meats and provisions -- anywhere in the US.

Our premium meats are raised on pasture on family farms in the USA without hormones or antibiotics, expertly butchered, and delivered right to your door. Our raw meats are kosher for Passover year-round -- learn more about Passover kashrut info here. We look forward to feeding you soon!

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Passover Delivery Schedule

We are delivering during Chol HaMoed. Here are details for each of our delivery methods:


We are shipping on Chol HaMoed. We ship via Ground (1-3 days) or Priority (1 day) on Monday-Thursday. Orders placed by 1pm ET will ship that day. Learn more

NY/NJ Area

TOn Chol HaMoed, we'll deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Orders are due by 5am on day of delivery. See our NY/NJ Area page for delivery schedule

Buying Clubs

The deadline for Passover delivery has passed. Chose Priority shipping for delivery to the West Coast. Our next Buying Clubs deliver on May 15/16. Learn more

Passover Hotline

We are here to help you plan an amazing holiday! Give us a call:


Monday-Thursday: 9am-8pm ET
Fridays: 9am-4pm ET 

Holiday Mains

Our most popular holiday roasts are ready for your holiday table!

Passover Provisions

Our nitrate-free Passover Hot Dogs, Sausages & Deli Meats make Passover cooking easy!

Passover Essentials

Keep these basics on hand to complete your Passover cooking.

Passover Recipes

Start with good meat, and you won't even notice all the things you can't eat on Passover. Browse our collection of Passover recipes to get you excited for the holiday and help plan your menu for all eight days of the holiday.

Passover Kashrut Information

All of our raw Beef, Veal, Lamb and Poultry are kosher for Passover year-round with no additional markings on the package. All of our ground/chopped meats are kosher for Passover without additional markings, with the exception of the Ground Chicken and Beef Patties, which must say "kosher for Passover" on the label. We carry kosher for Passover provisions and cheeses, which must have a pesadik heksher (OU-P or Star K-P) for use on Passover.

For your convenience, this year all products on our site that are appropriate for use on Passover have "Kosher for Passover" in the product title.

Our Promise to You

We deliver the best meat. Here's why:



We treat our farmers, animals, producers, and the land with the utmost respect. We raise animals on pasture in the Northeast USA. We use no hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Ever.



We never compromise on quality or kashrut, and are dedicated to excellent customer service. We work directly with farmers and producers and stand behind every piece of meat we sell.



The flavor and tenderness of our meats are unparalleled. Our provisions are made with nothing but meat and spices. We deliver the best meat, anywhere in the USA.