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Montreal Smoked Meat (Whole Slab)

Montreal Smoked Meat (Whole Slab)

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About this product

This is a traditional delicacy from our friends north of the border! Cured, spiced and smoked, these beautiful slabs have a thick bark, and will deliver a stunningly beautiful and delicious sandwich. Slice as is, or steam for a hot, tender sandwich. Montreal Smoked Meat is similar to pastrami (it's nicely marbled, and the outside of the slab is thickly covered with a dark bark of spices) but the mix of spices is different, with more garlic. With a keen taste for quality, spice blends and texture, we have developed the recipe for this Montreal Smoked Meat from scratch. Naf has worked with leaders in the kosher deli world to learn the kosher provisions business from the ground up, building on decades-old tradition of quality and taste to bring you a truly unique, kosher deli that you will not find anywhere else. This is an incredible treat we are very proud to share with you! 

Like all of our beef at Grow & Behold, this Montreal Smoked Meat is made from our pastured Black Angus beef, which are raised on pasture without any hormones or antibiotics. You'll be blown away by the clean, rich flavor of this delicious deli meat.

Basic Cooking Technique:

Montreal Smoked Meat, like Corned Beef, is typically steamed for several hours. This makes the meat tender and brings out the flavor.


 To steam your whole slab on the stovetop or in the oven: Do not slice it first. Put it in a large pot or casserole on a rack with 1/2" water in it and cover tightly (if you don't have a rack, crumple up a few balls of tinfoil that it can rest on, so it's not sitting in the water). Keep in a low oven (or on the stovetop) for 3-6 hours, or until meat is tender when pressed. If it feels tough or hard to the touch, it's not done. Take care that the lid is tightly sealed and water does not fully evaporate (you may want to add more when you open it up to check).

To use an electric pressure cooker: Use the steamer rack, and put 1/2"-1" water in the bottom of the pot. Put the meat on the rack, lock the lid (make sure vent is set to 'sealing'). Steam for 90-120 minutes.

 Slice in 1/4" slices. Typical condiments for a salad include mustard, red onions, pickles and horseradish mayo.

Serve As Is

Your Montreal Smoked Meat Slab is fully cooked, and can be enjoyed right away without any further cooking. Without the steaming, it won't get as soft, but if you slice it very thinly (like deli meat), it will be very tasty and make a delicious sandwich.

Storage and Handling:

The cooked slab will last in the original package for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Once opened, it should be wrapped tightly and stored in the fridge for a week, or just returned to the freezer. 


Beef, Garlic, Black Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Cherry Powder, Celery Powder, Spices, Granulated Onion, Paprika, Natural Wood Smoke.

Additional Info

This product is shipped frozen and will arrive frozen or refrigerated.

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    Montreal Smoked Meat -- WOW

    Posted by Ned Alpert on Dec 16th 2019

    This was my first order with Grow and Behold.
    I ordered 2 pieces of Montreal Smoked Meat, which we had no idea would be available online in the US; we had recently dined at Dunn's Famous in Vancouver (known for its smoked meat) and craved more.
    The website was easy to navigate and our order was handled nicely. It arrived on the date specified, beautifully packed, and the product was absolutely delicious after steaming.
    We are accustomed to ordering Jewish-style deli from New York because we can't get it here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The next-day-air shipping is expensive, but it's a lot less than traveling cross country for real deli, so it is worth every penny as far as we're concerned.
    The Kosher aspect is not important to us, but the video and content illustrated that their meat handling and quality are top notch and humane.
    We'll be back soon!

  • 5
    Wonderful and worth every penny!

    Posted by Celaine Gruver on Dec 3rd 2019

    My husband & I saw this product on How It's Made and he said it looked so good and wished he had some. Yesterday for his birthday he got his wish! My order came exactly when it was expected, in perfect condition. I created a whole meal out of it-added imported pickle spears and mustard, good beer and kettle chip. My husband was SO HAPPY! The beef is quality and so tender and juicy. We will order it again to be sure!

  • 5
    Montreal Smoked Meat

    Posted by JEffrey Ingber on Oct 3rd 2019

    Wow!!! this was awesome! we had some late night sandwich snacking with this along with some charcuterie sides like Mustard, cornichons, dressings, and rye bread....People are asking when we can do it again. Melts in your mouth and so yummy! Smoke was spot on

  • 5
    Montreal Smoked Meat

    Posted by Steve on Sep 21st 2019

    Absolutely fantastic! Steam for 3-4 hours and the meat is tender and flavorful. Great for sandwiches or eat as slices. Have had several at this point and all have been great.

  • 5
    Montreal Smoked Beef

    Posted by Michael Doherty on Aug 27th 2019

    I have had Montreal Smoked Beef at the source in Montreal and made it myself. The Grow and Behold version is fantastic. Just two hours of gentle steaming and it was ready to be sliced and made into sandwiches. Delicious!

  • 5
    Montreal smoked beef

    Posted by Larry Mittman on Aug 27th 2019


  • 5
    Great leftovers too!

    Posted by IW on Aug 27th 2019

    We used the leftovers to make cabbage egg rolls. So good.

  • 5

    Posted by AT on Aug 27th 2019

    Just sampled this meat and it’s DELICIOUS!!! We just ate it right out of the package!

  • 3
    Montreal roast

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 26th 2019

    Very peppery
    Thought it would be more like pit beef
    It was more like deli brisket

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